Screen panel Paintings

I've been working on some paintings for a bespoke design flat in Clifton. The paintings are on 4 sliding wooden doors leading from an en suite bathroom to the main bedroom, each panel is solid wood measuring around 3.4 meters in height and around half a metre in width. The client was after a feel of an old mural, the kind one would find in an old villa so it had to feel as though it was done around 100 years ago, which was a challenge! It's been a hugely enjoyable experience and once they are installed I intend to include them in my portfolio of work.


Stable Dave - identity progression

I'm currently developing an identity for a new clothing brand. The brief was to create a fun, irreverent brand identity focused primarily on young males with an emphasis on street wear and hip-hop.

The genius of Moebius

I've always been an enormous fan of the work of Jean Giraud or Moebius as he was better known by. In particular, his use of flat colour and strong line work characterised his work, giving it a uniqueness that countless artists have attempted to emulate. It seemed fitting then, that my first post should be dedicated to him and his work as he remains one of my true artistic heroes. The world definitely lost a unique talent when he passed away 4 years ago.